Denver Sheriff Firman and the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Express Outrage over Denver FOX Channel 31’s Outrageous & Inaccurate News Story


Please take the time to read both the State FOP’s and Denver Sheriff’s letter to Holly Gauntt, Vice President of News for KDVR and KWGN.
Letter From Colorado FOP to protest Fox 31 Chris Halsne-Holly Gauntt.pdf
Sheriff Firmans letter to Fox 31.pdf

On or about November 11th Ch 31 KDVR Denver aired a so called “Investigative Report” alleging that deputies of the Denver Sheriffs Office intentionally injured prisoners during transport and refuses to handcuff prisoners in the transport vans. This outrageous biased report is a complete misrepresentation of fact with an obvious attempt to mislead and unjustly inflame the public.

We have witnessed unscrupulous reporting in the past, but nothing quite to the degree as this agenda driven piece of fiction. This sort of sensationalist tabloid style reporting has no place in main stream media. We along with our brothers and sisters of the Denver Sheriffs Department are justifiably outraged by the way the story was constructed and reported. Enough is enough.

In the Colorado FOP’s letter Executive Director Violette said, ”

“Objectivity? Fairness? Truth?  Those three standards apparently were not considerations in regards to your “investigative report”.   It is glaringly obvious to us that objectivity, fairness, and truth were tossed aside and as such the public was not getting news it was getting spin.  This is a clear case of news creating not news reporting.  It is exactly this type of agenda driven biased “ambush” reporting that leaves most people with a bad taste in their mouth over today’s media.”   

Violette went on to say, “Mr. Halsne we, more than anyone else, are keenly aware of the tremendous responsibility that comes with being a law enforcement officer.  Ours is an honorable profession whose members serve their communities daily well aware of the responsibility they owe the citizens.  But understand this; it is not only police officers who have a duty to act responsibly.  The media also owes a duty to the community to report facts accurately and fairly.” 

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