Unlike the rising cost of other legal defense plans, we, the FOP, since our inception have only raised our monthly dues once in 20 years for our membership. How do we do this? The Fraternal Order of Police, is able to maintain this cost because we are the largest police organization in the world representing over 300,000 members, and locally representing over 5000 officers. In Denver alone we have approximately 900 FOP members.

Benefits Overview

The FOP offers benefits designed to meet the needs of our members:

  • Membership dues are $39.31 per month
  • Nationally Recognized and Supported
  • On-Duty Legal Defense Fund (LDF)
  • Covers ALL civil, criminal & administrative for police actions taken
  • Included Life Insurance Policy
    Accident Death and Dismemberment = $50,000
    Line of Duty Death or Disability = $50,000
    As a Result of felonius act = an additional $25,000
  • Full time state and national lobbyists in the legislator for law enforcement interests
  • Assistance nationwide from fellow brother & sister law enforcement officers
  • Non-Duty/Extra-Duty LDF
    For members in good standing additional legal coverage for personal matters (non-law enforcement related)
    $10/month for $15,000 per year for legal services
    Criminal Defense for misdemeanors & felonies (Traffic & parking tickets NOT included)
    General Real Estate
    Wills, Trusts & Estate Law
    Medical & Financial Power of Attorney
    Employment Law
    (Not covered by this plan includes immigration, securities, syndications, environmental, tax, patent, copyright & intellectual property law)
  •  *NOTE Family Law has changed for 2014 and beyond:
    Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support & Restraining Orders
    In addition to the non-duty LDF coverage, a $2,500 retainer is required and $2,500 will be matched from the State Lodge for 15 hours with a family law attorney. If 15 hours is not used then your $2,500 retainer will be refunded. If over 15 hours is used then you are entitled to keep your attorney at the FOP discounted rate of $168 per hour.

Complete Membership Forms

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